A picture is worth a thousand words,
so we thought these would speak volumes. 

If you have photos that will bring back memories for the class, please send them to us.  We'll also be using some of them in the slideshow at Reunion.

For our Way Back When:  anything from our days at GCHS, on or off campus. 

Early School Days:  pictures from the grade school & junior high years, especially class photos (please identify the school if the name is not in the photo).  Field trips, scouting, church stuff, holiday shots, memorabilia.

Scan your old photos and save as .jpg to upload them here.  It may take a day or so for them to post on the site.  Or email them to Kerry Durr Roscoe at kroscoevta@aol.com or to Suzanne Hall Westcott at shall_westcott@verizon.net
Pete Eggers on guitar & Dick Hobson on banjo

Way Back When...

Photos from our high school days.
Please send us snaps from prom, football games, sports, summer fun--anything you have!
2nd grade St. Anne

Early School Days

Grade school and junior high photos in and out of school, class pictures, scouting, childhood events, and all things from our early years.

Sights From Around Town

Some sites and buildings are gone; some are changed; some remain the same.  All hold memories.

Remember These TV Shows?

Take a walk down memory lane as you view these classic TV shows from our childhood.

Childhood Memories

This will jog your memory about foods of the day and those things unique to our childhood, like the milkman or the bread truck.

Toys, Trends & Fads

So many toys.  So much fun.

Films of 1968

Remember any of these films?  There are a few bockbusters here.

Sounds of '68

The 1968 tunes we danced to, romanced to, cried to and celebrated to...here to help you remember.

Events of Our Time

and the times, they are a changin'

While we were growing up in Garden City, the world was full of both exciting and devastating events.  Then there are those things that would later  have meaning for us (like Medicare!). These are just some of the many.

Our 20th Reunion

We were just 20 years out of high school when these photos were taken.  Anyone have more from this reunion?

Our 40th Reunion

In 2008 we gathered to celebrate our 40th!  Several classmates captured the fun.