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Classmates' Stories  We're interested in knowing what your life has been like for the past 50 years.  Your mini-bio can be as long or short as you'd like. Classmates will be able to contact you if you include your email address, which will not be displayed. You can answer questions such as:

1. Spouse/Partner's name?  Number and ages of children?  Pets?
2. Most gratifying experience since graduating GCHS?
3. Any travel experiences?
4. What is your idea of a perfect day?
5. What classmates have remained part of your circle of friends?
6. Who do you most hope will come to the reunion so that you can reconnect with them?
7. What are your retirement plans?  Hobbies?
8. What would your high school friends be most surprised to learn about you?

Tell us a little about yourself today.

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Doris Brevoort
Teacher Single
I've lived in Washington State since 1973-- Seattle till 1995, thrn Skagit Valley-- noted for tulips, eagles, and migrating birdls (swans, snowgeese) fllying overhead.  I worked for Seattle Schools for 25+ years as a special ed teacher and counselor... still teaching.  I've done massage professionally since 1976. Discovered brain function and got a PhD in Hunan Science from Saybrook University (Bay Area) --about applications of neuroscience in education and wellness. I'm writing a book about aging and mental illness, caregiving, wellness, and family involvement. Enjoy all kinds of music, still play accordion and guitar and recorders.I studied sound healing. Travelled to Scotland and the Netherlands in 2005, India and Nepal in 2008. I've run for city and State office, (not elected)... involved in social change, still writing poetry. Send Doris a MessageSend Doris a Message
Laura Fex (Copland)
Psychotherapist/PTSD Treatment Trainer 1
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Barbara Fleming
retired Interior Designer Single Again 2
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Denise Franson (Hudson)
Profile picture
Retired Married 2
After years in healthcare, most recently at Mass General Hospital, I retired in 2017.  We've moved to mid-coast Maine.  One son is in healthcare in Boston and the other is a wildland firefighter in Idaho.  Instead of children I now have horses. Send Denise a MessageSend Denise a Message
Jennifer Genet
retired Married
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Ken Pellegrino
Physician Married 2
In 2016 I retired after 35 years of family medical practice, though now I do work very part time per diem for our Health System in CT. After the retirement and our one daughter's wedding in Calistoga, CA., my wife, Midge, and I did a 4 month cross country road trip over 10,000 miles, 25 States and 10 National Parks. Quite the education and fun!
We are knocking off our bucket list...hiked the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado and back, going to Ireland this year, and then back to Italy for "many trips". I continue to study the Italian language at an advanced level, and Midge and I bike and hike as much as we can. Midge and I share the EXACT wedding date with Steve and Sally (Rivers) Draffen, 9/7/74. How cool! Still enjoy my model railroad, we love real good red wines.
We have 3 grandsons in CA, so some day you all might be visiting us our there.
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Ellen Ryan (Simmons)
Married 3
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